We are proud dealers of those brands:


Daikin heat pumps


Mitsubishi heat pumps


Panasonic heatpumps


Temperzone heat pumps


Remak air handling units and heat recovery units

6. Do they operate in low temperatures?

Heat pumps loose efficiency once the outside temperature drops below 0°C. Look on the manufacturer’s data sheet to see if they can operate in sub-zero temperatures. The lower the temperature the better the performance.

7. Is there an air filter available?

Unlike most heating systems, all heat pumps incorporate a washable filter that removes dust and particles from the air – with some also having a deodorising function as well. While filters do require regular cleaning they are an important feature for regulating air quality for those suffering from asthma and other allergies.

8. Will my power bill drop?

Heat pumps provide convenient, thermostatically controlled heating and cooling. If you operate your heat pump for the same sized area at the same temperature as you would with other methods you could save a reasonable amount in heating costs. However a number of heat pump owners not only heat a larger area but also to a higher temperature than before, so their heating bills are not altered greatly. A warm and comfortable home is worth the extra expense.

9. Should I have my heat pump on 24 hours?

In the winter months of May to August we recommend units be left on constantly, just as a hot water cylinder is left on to get maximum efficiency. Once a house is warm it is more economical to maintain temperature rather than heat from the beginning each time. However there is no need to heat the house to your normal occupied temperature when sleeping or house is unoccupied. A temperature for these periods of 16°C is quite satisfactory.

10. Can I install into an existing home?

Whilst there are more location options available and greater flexibility when installing in new homes, a large number of heat pump installations involves placement into existing homes.

11. Should I insulate before I get a heat pump?

Definitely. In older houses the quality of insulation deteriorates over time so it pays to check it is adequate. Double-glazing windows is also worth consideration for older homes.

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