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Choosing The Right Unit Location

Indoor Unit Location
To avoid drafting never locate the indoor units near areas of seating. For high wall units never place anything beneath them. This will prevent heat getting to floor level. For floor units never place anything in front of them as this prevents heat being dispersed evenly around the room.

Outdoor Unit Location
When locating the ideal position for the outside unit sleeping areas, neighbouring properties and a suitable drainage point must all be taken into consideration.

Floor Unit or High Wall Unit?
Our philosophy for this is simple. If heating, cooling and price are equally important to you – choose the high wall unit. If heating is your main requirement choose the floor unit.


The Right Models

While we stock a number of different products we believe the Daikin range is the most comprehensive of all brands currently available, and the one best suited to our climatic conditions.

Wall Models
These range in capacity from 3.5 kW models for small offices up to the larger 10 kW models for open plan areas.

Floor Models
The range in floor models goes from 3.5 kW for small areas right up to large 14 kW Floor standing models.

Cassette Models
These units recess into the ceiling cavity and are ideal for open plan spaces or areas being retrofitted, where minimal disruption is a requirement. These range in capacity from 5 to 14 kW.

Ducted Models
The ultimate in discrete and quite temperature control, the commercial ducted range starts at 5 kW and runs right through to 25 kW. That’s everything you need from the small room right the way to the large multi level offices.

VRV Systems
These are ideal where a range of indoor units can be coupled to an outdoor unit. This allows for individual temperature control at each indoor unit. The heat recovery version allows simultaneous heating and cooling, meaning a number of climate controlled zones can be catered for from one outdoor unit. This technology allows for warm or cool air to be transferred from one room to another, resulting in a very economical running cost.

Outdoor Units
All of the above systems couple to matching outdoor units via interconnecting pipework and wiring. Separation between indoor and outdoor units can be from 15 to 50m, depending upon the model.

Both the wall and floor models use an infrared remote control to allow selection of heating, cooling, temperature and fan functions. The ducted model features the same functions but comes as a wall mounted controller.

There is always new climate control technology arriving at Hartnell Coolheat. If you have any questions about the range of models available for commercial use please contact our sales division.