Hartnell Coolheat Ltd.
36 Brisbane Street, PO Box 7423,
Christchurch 8240, New Zealand
P: 03 366 3952 / F: 03 366 1491
Hartnell Coolheat North Canterbury Ltd.
18 Albert Street, PO Box 101,
Rangiora 7440, New Zealand
P: 03 313 8014 / F: 03 313 8013

At Hartnell Coolheat all work is achieved in-house, from design and installation through to service and maintenance. Refrigeration technicians, electricians and duct installers are employed directly, allowing the greatest level of project control and accountability.

This level of capability and accountability has been instilled from the start, with the company a founding member of CCCA (Climate Controls Companies Association), formerly RACCA, in 1985. This organisation is committed to professionalism and excellence in all aspects of the industry. We take safety seriously and, as a member of Site Safe, require our site staff to have a Site Safe Passport and sit two yearly refresher courses.

All our installation and technical staff also attend yearly training on the Daikin product range. This ensures we have the latest knowledge, and can give our clients prompt, efficient service. These clients know that no guarantee can be given that a piece of technology will never break down. However, when worst comes to worst, our technicians can soon put things right. Here are just some of the reasons why we stand out…

  • Specialty knowledge: Heating, ventilation and air conditioning is all we do. That’s why we’re so good at it.
  • Fully accessible: Knowledgeable staff are ready to answer all your questions. If there are any problems with a unit we’re only a phone call away.
  • The team: Reception, sales and installation staff are all employees of Hartnell Coolheat. We don’t employ anyone extra. Everyone is part of the team.
  • Ready to go: Our offices in Rangiora and Christchurch are fully staffed from 8:00am–5:00pm Monday to Friday. The Christchurch office is also open 9.30—1.00pm Saturdays.
  • The history: We have been serving Canterbury for over 25 years, with many employees there from the start. That’s the experience that matters.
  • Expertise counts: We are only interested in selling technically superior products. We’ve been around long enough to know what does and doesn’t work.
  • Experience the difference: Our showrooms have a full range of working models available to try out, with plenty of parking available.
  • Easy for you: We provide free, no-obligation site visits & quotations, with flexible payment terms available. For existing homes, we also offer on-the-spot quotations.
  • The question of quality: Although we are competitive, we are not necessarily the cheapest. That’s because we pride ourselves on providing the absolute best in quality product and service. Our clients appreciate the difference.