Hartnell Coolheat Ltd.
36 Brisbane Street, PO Box 7423,
Christchurch 8240, New Zealand
P: 03 366 3952 / F: 03 366 1491
Hartnell Coolheat North Canterbury Ltd.
18 Albert Street, PO Box 101,
Rangiora 7440, New Zealand
P: 03 313 8014 / F: 03 313 8013

Hartnell Coolheat provides a wide variety of climate control in our everyday work. The range of solutions includes standard domestic and commercial installations, ducted systems, ventilation systems, swimming pool heat recovery, process cooling for computer rooms and specialist VRV systems.

Big or small, each project is treated the same – in that a rigorous series of systems is put in place to ensure the highest level of communication throughout the project, and the absolute best result for the client.